Steuerbordlampen bei Steingraeber-Modelle

Independence Seaport Museum
Penn's Landing
211 S. Columbus Ave., between South and Vine
Phone: (215)413-8655

URL: www.phillyseaport.org

Olympia CL 15, ex-Cruiser 6
Becuna SS 319
Olympia was Dewey's flagship at Battle of Manila Bay in Spanish American War, and is the last ship left from the "new Navy" of the 1890s. Note that 8 in. turrets are fabrications, as originals were replaced with open 5" mounts during WWI. She is undergoing a major restoration, and needs more funding.

Moshulu Maritime Exhibit
Moshulu Sailing ship
Served Germany as the Kurt during WWI, seized by US.

Philadelphia Maritime Museum
321 Chestnut St.
Maritime US history, 30 small boats, 10,000 artifacts.

Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild
Chestnut St. and Delaware Ave.
Gazela of Philadelphia Barkentine
Jupiter Tug
Barnegat lightship

Port of History Museum
Delaware Ave. and Spruce St.
Emphasis on Atlantic coast.

USS Forrestal Naval Museum (organization - no ship yet)
There is an effort underway to preserve the Forrestal as a museum in Philadelphia. For more details see the web site: www.catol.com/ussforrestal

South American Passenger steamship
Awaiting restoration

SS United States Superliner
Awaiting her future, as a museum, or liner, or cruise ship, or scrap.