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Battleship Cove
Phone: (508) 678-1100

Massachusetts BB 59, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. DD 850, Lionfish SS 298, Hiddensee Corvette
PT 796, PT 617, LCM, HMS Bounty (replica)

Self-guided tour of all ships except Hiddensee, which is guided and scheduled. There is also a small section of the bow of the cruiser Fall River. Hiddensee is a former East German Tarantul class corvette, and was donated by the US Navy. She was formerly known as Rudolf Edelhofer. There are new submarine and PT boat exhibits aboard the Massachusetts, and several pallets of 16" shells have been added in one of the magazines.
Massachusetts has received a desperately needed overhaul. Bounty sails the east coast in the summer.

Marine Museum of Fall River

70 Water St.
Phone: (508) 674-3533
History of Fall River Line, steam power. >100 models, including a 28' Titanic.