Runaboats bei Steingraeber-Modelle

Navy Museum

Washington Navy Yard
Buildings 76 and 57
901 M Street, SE
Phone: (202) 433-4882
FAX: (202) 433-8200

DD 933
Trieste I Deep diving sub
British minisub
German minisub
Italian minisub
Historical retrospective. Models, aircraft, paintings.
The Barry is docked, while the Trieste is in the main building. The PCF is on the lawn with a collection of naval weapons, including parts from the Maine and a 14" naval railroad gun.
The Annex has been closed, and is being converted to a Cold War museum. The displays within are being sent elsewhere.

United States Marine Corps Museum
Bldg. 58, Navy Yard
Phone: (202) 433-3534
Detailed history of the Marines, with a series of glass case filled with memorabilia from different time periods, opposing a wall of quotes, pictures and paintings. Some of the descriptions are hard to read due to the lack of light. Also a gallery of photos and/or paintings on a rotating schedule, and a series of miniature battle scenes.

Naval Historical Center
Navy Yard
Information currently available includes bibliographies, active ship levels from 1917 to present, aviation squadron lineages, and ordering information for NHC publications.

The Smithsonian Institution
Constitution Ave. at 12th St.
Phone: (202) 357-2025
Philadelphia Sail gunboat
Remains of first warship built in what would become the USA, in the Hall of Armed Forces History(?). Operated by Army, as Navy wasn't yet formed. Ship models are on display in the Hall of American Maritime Enterprise, the Technology building and the Air and Space Museum.