4 Durchzüge Seereling bei Steingraeber-Modelle

Batavia Yard in Lelystad: (NETHERLANDS) The Batavia Yard in Lelystad, the Netherlands, is foremost a center for traditional shipbuilding offering a fascinating view of Dutch shipbuilding of the 17th century. In the course of 1998 an archaeological presentation on inland shipping on the former Zuyderzee will be added to the yard.

Dutch Naval Museum Den Helder: (NETHERLANDS) (English) To know more about the fascinating history of the Royal Netherlands Navy the Naval Museum is just the place to follow the development of the naval vessel, be introduced to various naval heroes and come face to face with the weapons they used in battle, or enter the submarine 'Tonijn and the minesweepers 'Abraham Crijnssen' and breathe the atmosphere inside a warship.

Dutch Submarines: (NETHERLANDS) The submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy 1906 - 1998 website is full of interesting information on Dutch submarines including a excellent narrative on the first Dutch submarine.

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam: (NETHERLANDS) The Maritime Museum 'Prins Hendrik' is situated right in the heart of Rotterdam, five minutes' walk from the Coolsingel and the Erasmus Bridge. Moored alongside, in all its glory, is the museum ship 'Buffel'.

Maritime Museum (Scheepvaart museum): (Amsterdam) Find out about the Dutch trading ventures and voyages of discovery, about Amsterdam in the golden age, the Dutch East India Company (VOC), distant countries, unusual cultures, the mercantile spirit and the colonies. At this museum Holland's seafaring past really comes to life.

IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum

Stad Amsterdam: (NETHERLANDS) Shipbuilding in the Netherlands is a main thrust of the STAD AMSTERDAM website where after 1813, a independent again nation under the new king, William I, Holland started on a new tack. Measures were implemented to inject new life into the shipbuilding industry. After all, the prospect of trade with the Dutch East Indies beckoned, and a well-equipped fleet sailed the world's oceans.