Rundkopf bei Steingraeber-Modelle

Nyk Maritime Museum (Nippon Yusen Rekishi-Shiryokan): (JAPAN) The Nyk Maritime Museum is the place to learn the history of the shipping business of Japan with the exhibition of the model ships and captains' uniforms.

Yokohama Maritime Museum: (Yokohama) The Nippon-maru, a handsome ship that sailed 1,830,000 kilometers between 1930 and 1984, and was known as the "Swan of the Pacific", is moored in the park. The Yokohama Maritime Museum, which specializes in ports and ships, is located beside the Nippon-maru, and in the "Trip Around the Port of Yokohama" corner, historical materials displayed span the period from the arrival of Commodore Perry's black ships up until the present day.