geätzte Fischkörbe bei Steingraeber-Modelle

Dutch replica town
Wapen Van Hoorn Wood paddle steamer (replica)
Kanko Maru Sail/steam (replica)
Kanrin Maru Sail/steam (replica)
De Liefde Sailing ship
Kanrin was Japan's first steam/sail ship. Kanrin Maru presented by King Willem III of the Netherlands to Tokugawa Shogun in the closing years of the Edo Period. Became the training ship for the newly established Nagasaki Naval Institute, from which many influential leaders of that time graduated.
Kanko was the first Japanese vessel to cross the Pacific, with Kaishu Katsu and other famous Japanese aboard. Sails for most of the year between ports all around Japan's coasts.
De Liefde, stranded in Japan in 1600, marking the start of the historical relationship between Holland and Japan. Aboard this vessel the musical show "Bon Voyage De Liefde" is staged. (This ship cannot be boarded.)
The Amelia and two-story wooden paddle-steamer Wapen van Hoorn cross Omura Bay to connect Huis ten Bosch and Holland Village (Associated theme park of Huis ten Bosch)