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Island Fortress, built 1750's. 2 km. from Helsinki Centrum, about 15 min by ferry. One of the largest sea-fortresses in the world, with some 2,000 guns and 8,000 men. 20 kilometers of fortifications. Owned by Russians 1808-1917. Some part of the islands, fortifications and guns from that time period. Was attacked by England in the Crimean war 1854. Has also served as prison. There are 700 inhabitants living on the islands. Protected by Unesco.

There are several museums on Suomenlinna:
Vesikko SS
Landed. Last survivor of 5 Finnish subs. Saw action1939-40 and 1941-1944

Coastal artillery museum

Ehrensvard museum
Designer of Suomenlinna fortress. Gunnery officer, artist, ship designer.

Naval academy - need permission to visit. (Shouldn't be hard to get)
Finnish naval history 1700 - Guns, mines, machine guns, torpedo, uniforms, models of ships, equipment from Russian frigate St. Nikolai, which sank 1790.