The Estonian State Maritime Museum (Meremuuseum): (Tallinne) The Estonian State Maritime Museum in Tallinne, Estonia, exhibits the general history of shipping and fishing in Estonia. Since 1978, the museum is active in underwater archaeology, presently using their own research ship Mare, a modern side scan sonar and a remote operated vehicle to search for sunken ships. The Baltic sea is unique because it is a brackish sea where a sunken ship will be preserved for centuries. The Estonian coast is special, since during the previous Soviet time, very little wreck diving took place. Presently the museum's archaeologists are locating so many wrecks that it will take many years to investigate them. This website provides a glimpse into the work of the Museum.

Estonian State Maritime Museum

Wed-Sun 1000-1800
Phone: 641 14 09 (Intl. +372-641 14 09)
FAX: +372-641 14 14
Home: meremuuseum.ee

Summer: 1000-1800, winter 1100-1600
Lembit SS (Mine laying sub)
Suur Tõll Icebreaker
Mare Research ship

Lembit owned by Estonia, saw action under Soviet flag in WWII. Built 1936 in England. Both museum vessels are in the Pirita port outside Tallinn, while the museum itself is at the north end of town in a 15th century cannon tower called Paks Magareeta, or Fat Margaret. Mare is active and undertakes surveys using side scan sonar, and has found many wrecks for further investigation.