Bermuda Maritime Museum: (BERMUDA) Bermuda's largest fort is the Keep in the Royal Naval Dockyard, which in 1974 was taken over by a volunteer group that established the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Today it is the largest museum on the island. Its extensive ramparts have been partly restored, and some guns have been remounted.

Bermuda, given its strategically important position between the Carribean and Europe, has a large number of forts, ramparts, and gun emplacements; over 60 total. Most are small with minimal or no information, if they are even accessible. I have listed the most interesting and informative here.

There are also several shipwrecks visible on the surface or just under, including former HMS Vixen off the west coast, and the Taifun in St. George's harbor.

Bermuda Maritime Museum

Royal Navy Dockyard

The former British naval dockyard has been converted into a large shopping plaza. In the midst of all the capitalism, there is a museum on the maritime history of Bermuda, which is, given the geography of Bermuda, a history of Bermuda itself.

Fort St. Catharine

St. George's, NE corner of the island

Large fort, built up over the 18th and 19th centuries. There are diorama showing a brief history of the colonization of Bermuda, the history of the fort, and a series of displays on the the construction and operation of the fort. There are also spectacular views of the sea, and a ghost.